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12 teams ready to contest 1st IHF Men’s NAC Emerging Nations Championship

The 1st IHF Men’s North American and the Caribbean Emerging Nations Championship begins in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic on Monday April 8. 12 teams from North America and the Caribbean (NAC) will take part in what is the debut of a competition expected to be highly beneficial for the region. The winner of the NAC Emerging Nations Championship will qualify for the 2019 IHF Emerging Nations Championship in Georgia in June.

The competition follows a group phase then knock-out round format, with four preliminary groups, from which the top two in each progress to the quarter-finals. The group phase will run until April 10, followed by the quarter-finals and 9-12 placement round for the third-ranked teams. The semi-finals will take place on April 13 and the finals will be held the following day. Each team is allowed three players above the age of 24, while the remainder of the squad must be 24 or younger – a regulation designed to encourage development.

Hosts Dominican Republic will start their campaign in Group C, meeting Haiti and St. Kitts and Nevis. Canada, who have enjoyed recent successes such as the youth men’s team victory in the first IHF Trophy – North America and the Caribbean at the end of 2018 followed by the women’s senior side’s qualification for the 2019 Pan American Games in March this year, will play from Group A. They will meet Puerto Rico and Dominica in the group phase.

The USA, winners of the junior category at the IHF Trophy – North America and the Caribbean, will take the court in Group D. In a year that will also see the nation end a 30-year wait to play their second IHF Men’s Junior World Championship, the 2028 Olympic hosts are focused on development and will benefit significantly from the experience at the NAC Emerging Nations Championship. They will meet Cuba and Barbados in the preliminary round.

Finally, Group B consists of Mexico, Martinique and Trinidad and Tobago.

All results and information on the event will be provided on

Match schedule

All times local (UTC -4)

8 April

14:00 DMA vs CAN

16:00 TTO vs MEX

18:00 BAR vs USA

20:00 SKN vs DOM

9 April

14:00 PUR vs DMA

16:00 MTQ vs TTO

18:00 HAI vs SKN

20:00 CUB vs BAR

10 April

14:00 MEX vs MTQ

16:00 CAN vs PUR

18:00 USA vs CUB

20:00 DOM vs HAI

11 April

10:00 PL 9-12: 3A vs 3C

12:00 PL 9-12: 3B vs 3D

14:00 QF1: 1A vs 2C

16:00 QF2: 1B vs 2D

13 April

10:00 PL 9-12: 3D vs 3A

12:00 PL 9-12: 3C vs 3B

14:00 PL 5-8: Loser QF1 vs Loser QF2

16:00 PL 5-8: Loser QF3 vs Loser QF4

18:00 SF1: Winner QF1 vs Winner QF2

20:00 SF2: Winner QF3 vs Winner QF4

14 April

10:00 PL 9-12: 3A vs 3B

12:00 PL 9-12: 3C vs 3D

14:00 PL 7-8: Loser PR1 vs Loser PR2

16:00 PL 5-6: Winner PR1 vs Winner PR2

18:00 Bronze: Loser SF1 vs Loser SF2

20:00 Gold: Winner SF1 vs Winner SF2

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